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When I began painting, I chose watercolour because I loved how it could create a mood and atmosphere. I painted perceptually and often outdoors. I hoped the viewer would be reminded of a place they had enjoyed, and could connect with the location. Landscapes were my favorite subjects. I learned the rules, techniques and gimmicks and applied them to achieve what I was looking at. Then I discovered it was a lot more fun to break the rules. That's when my excitement exploded! Now I paint conceptually. Design, shapes and colours is what I enjoy discovering. Now the challenge is to have the viewer feel the emotion that Nature's beauty and strength has stirred in me. As I abstract the landscape, other non existing shapes evolve. I enjoy using hard edges, geometric shapes and intense colours. Nature can be strong and beautiful, and I try to express this. Before I begin painting, I remind myself of my goals. They are

- challenge the traditional

- explore my vision

- use colour expressively


This is why I paint and why it is my passion.



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